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The 4Stars Cat Club is a non-profit World Cat Federation's association in Finland.

We offer the following services to 4Stars ry members:

  • Registration of breeders

  • Registration of kittens

  • Kittens for sale announcements on the website and Facebook

  • Exhibition activity

  • Help and advice in educational activities

  • Contract and application forms

We are also planning to publish the kitten list. and the breeders' own pages, if there are enough interested parties. We are grateful for your feedback on the aforementioned topics.

Prices in 2023
  • Membership fee 22 € / year

  • Cattery name registration 120 €

  • Cattery name transfer to WCF € 20

  • Pedigree 25 €

  • Title confirmation request € 10

  • Ownership transfer 10 €

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