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Registry Description.

1. Name of The Register

The Member Register.


2. The Registrar

Name: 4Stars ry

Address: c / o Julia Juutilainen, Kuulakuja 4 C 57, 01280 Vantaa, Finland

Tel. +358 46 599 5248, e-mail:

Association registration number: 218.339


3. Purpose and Use of The Register

List of association members. The association uses the information in the register to maintain its membership activities.


4. Content of The Register

The register contains the contact details of the members of the association 4Stars, which are at least the name and e-mail address of the member. 

The types of members are full, supportive and honorary members.


5. Source of Information

The information is entered in the register according to the members' notification.


6. Disclosure of Registration Information

The association does not disclose registered data without the consent of the data subject, except within the limits required by law. The association does not disclose the information in the register for third party business companies, for direct marketing, for market research, or for any other similar purposes.


7. Registry Protection Principles

The information in the association's register is collected in a closed database that is not accessible to anyone other than the registry administrator.


8. The Right of Inspection

A person entered in the register may check what information about him or her has been entered in the members' register. A request to check the information must be submitted in writing to the association's board.


9. Correction of Information in The Register

The members of the association must inform the association's member registrar of any changes. If the inspection of the information reveals any remarks (section 8), the information in the register shall be corrected, deleted or supplemented immediately.

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