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Mekong Bobtail

Mekong Bobtail

The Mekong bobtail is a cat breed from the Thai region that received the official Cat Breed mark from the World Cat Federation in 2004. The late formalization of the race was due to its special history.


Before 1939, the Kingdom of Thailand was known as Siamina and travelers at the time said they had seen stagnant cats. Presumably they saw the ancestors of that race, which were held by princesses and monasteries  as guards, monks e.g. believed  cats protect their treasures.  The Mekong Bobtails were long unknown in other countries as the Siamese tried to keep the race a secret. Cats were not handed over to foreigners,  and they were not allowed to be exported. It is believed that the race spread to the world when the King of Siam gave one of the Mekong Bobtails as a gift to the Russian emperor.

According to the official standard (WCF 2004), the Mekong bobtail has bright blue eyes and must have a Siamese black or red mask. The legs and tail should be the same color as the mask. Turkey may also have a striped coloring on the bridge  when the coloring of the cat's face forms the letter “H”. Female cats can also be turtle-colored. Cats have up to five well-moving vertebrae in their tails. Mekong bobtails have a short, shiny, close-fitting silky coat; small ears, Roman nose and straight forehead. The breed is long-lived,  the lifespan of cats is about 18-25 years.


Mekong bobtail cats are said to be wise. They express distrust, e.g., of strangers, by following and observing them, resembling watch dogs.

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